Charisma: Why it’s Important to Your Brand

When you think of charisma, you often think of an actor, singer or someone famous. You may not
think that being charismatic is important to your brand, but it can be crucial in attracting new clients
to your business. Your brand is your total package–including how you present yourself to others. Before
you start thinking that charisma is some elusive quality only bestowed upon the rich and famous, you may
be relieved to know that anyone can develop charisma.

Being charismatic is equivalent to being self-confident and self-assured. People take notice when you walk
in a room. You stand in your own power and emit a certain energy that others pick up upon. So just how
do you develop charisma and become the star in your industry? Here are three tips:

1. Check your posture. It is true what your mother said: stand up straight! Take a good look at yourself
in the mirror and check how you stand. Are your shoulders and head down? When you attend a business
function or networking event do you walk up to people and confidently introduce yourself? Or are you in the corner,
slumped over, keeping yourself small? Watch TV and look for people who are confident. For an entire week, emulate the way they walk, how they stand and even how they talk. If there is someone you personally know whom you admire, try modeling him or her. With practice, you will begin to take on the traits of this person and see your own self-confidence soar.

2. Check your overall appearance. This is not the easiest thing to do, but you need to be brutally honest
with yourself. What first impression are you making? Does your wardrobe need updating? What
about your hair? Are you coming across as stylish and polished or are you frumpy and disheveled?
Remember, within the first 60 seconds of meeting you, you are judged by others. Make sure you look your best.
Pay attention to your clothing and personal appearance. You will find that your self-confidence rises
when you step out in a new outfit or get a new hairdo. When we look good, we feel good and others notice.

3. Check how you interact with others. Do you look people directly in the eyes when speaking with them?
Do you let the other person talk or are you always interrupting? People are drawn to people who make
them feel special. Make a conscious effort to ask questions and take a genuine interest in others. Don’t
forget to smile and take the time to acknowledge people by pointing out their good qualities. By paying
attention to how you interact with others, you will increase your charisma and likability

The secret to being charismatic really has nothing to do with how beautiful, slim, rich or famous you are.
It is about confidence and believing in yourself. It is about feeling like you deserve the best in life, not putting
yourself down with negative self-talk. So the next time you walk into a room full of people, hold your head up
high, walk slowly and imagine you are a Queen or King. Greet people with a smile, a firm handshake
and look them directly in the eyes as you introduce yourself. Not only will you find that people will want to do
business with you, you will have created a new self-image and sense of self-worth that will help you immensely
in all areas of your life.

Christina Rowe is the author of Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce and the co-founder of Women Helping Women Mastermind. She is also an Internet Marketing & Branding Specialist and the co-creator of The Brand You System: How to become a well-known expert and celebrity in your field in 30 days or less. To sign up for a free membership to Women Helping Women Mastermind and promote your business, events, blogs, video, photos and more, go to:

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